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The Certified Phlebotomy Technician course prepares the student to function as a member of the clinical laboratory. Students learn the proper technique for drawing blood, the means of collection and the purpose of anticoagulants and serum collection.

Purpose of Course
1. To provide the student with the education required for work as a phlebotomist and to obtain certification.
2. Upon completion of course the student will be qualified to take the National Healthcareer Association’s Certified Phlebotomy Technician examination.

The Phlebotomy Technician Program is a eighty (80) hour course. Skills and technical knowledge to perform phlebotomy procedures and be eligible to obtain National Healthcareer Association (NHA)  certification (CPT).


* Students enrolling in the Certified Phlebotomy technician course should hold a current NJ CNA license.

This Program is Offered At:

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