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The Certified EKG Technician course provides cardiocascular terminolofgy, anatomy and physiology, theory, and clinical laboratory experience for the student to understand and perform EKG testing and recognize cardiac arrhytmias.

Purpose of Course
1. The student will obtain the skills and knowlese base to perform EKG testing.
2. Upon completion of the program the student will be qualified to take the NAtiona Healthcareer Associations EKG Technicians certification exam.
The EKG Technician Program is a seventy (70) hour course. Obtain the skills and technical knowledge to perform EKG’s. Certification issued by NHA. Employment opportunities in hospital, medical offices and varied health care settings.


* Students enrolling in the Certified EKG Technician course should hold a current NJ CNA license.



This Program is Offered At:

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